Valves for water supply, sewage and mining.

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Valves for the water supply, sewage and mining industries.

We specialise in supplying valves for the water supply, sewage and mining industries. We also consult on problems related to pipelines and valves, particularly water hammer.

We can supply a wide range of valves for pressures up to 250bar.

We offer a wide range of valves and water hammer relief products including:

Pressure reducing valves.

We supply both direct acting and pilot operated pressure reducing valves in either globe or angle style bodies.

Our valves are used wherever there is the need to reduce mains water pressure. They can maintain constant pressure for as long as the supply pressure is above the valve’s pre-set pressure.

Level control valves.

Our level control valves are perfect for allowing normal forward flow to fill water reservoirs. These valves can be used as open, closed or ‘open-closed’ valves which will make use of a float system that will open the valve once the minimum water level is reached and close it again once it is full.

There are a lot of factors which need to be considered when choosing a suitable leve control valve so please complete the form above and we'll get right back to you.

Pressure sustaining valves.

Both pressure sustaining and relief valves control the pressure upstream of the valve. These valves can prevent overpressure in the pipe system, ensure the pump operates correctly, relieve the excess flow and make sure that the demand points do not use too much water.

Flow control valves.

Flow control valves regulate the flow or pressure of a fluid (liquid or gas) by responding to a temparture gauge or flow control meter. We supply globe valves and diaphragm valves which are used in many industries.

Our range also includes:

Relief valves.

To avoid instrument and equipment failure; or even a fire, a relief valve can be used to control or limit the pressure in a system. If you need a relief valve for your system contact us today by completing the form above and we will get right back to you.

Ring needle valves.

We supply a range of ring needle valves which offer the follwing advantages:

Safety shutdown valves.

We supply safety shutdown valves which provide protection against dangerous fluid or hydrocarbons during an emergency. Our excess flow shutdown valves are perfect for the water industry and can prevent flooding and water loss when pipes break.

If you are in the petroleum, water or mine industry and need more information please complete the form above and we will contact you.

Air release valves.

Air release valves are used to release the air from pockets that are formed in pipelines. These valves ensure pipeline efficiency and protect against water hammering.

Most air valves have problems with early leaking seals, clogging, water hammer and issues related to low or high pressure. However, the ARI valves we supply solved these problems. They come with a 10 year guarantee against any of these issues.

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Teflon-lined butterfly valves.

This is the latest style butterfly valve which can survive even the most corrosive chemicals. Our teflon-lined butterfly valve is ideal because it is maintenance free, ensures bubble tight shutoff, guarantees leak tight sealing and is corrosion resistant.

Rubber-lined butterfly valves.

The rubber-lined butterfly valve is a common valve used in the water industry because it is reliable and requires low maintenance. It can withstand relatively high levels of pressure and temperate without leaking.

Triple eccentric butterfly valves.

We supply these offset valves which prevent galling and scratches between the metal seat and the metal disc. Valves like this are ideal in the oil and petroleum industry, chemical factories and shipyards.

Double eccentric butterfly valves.

The double eccentric butterfly valve or high-performance butterfly valve is resilient enough to seal, and the disc only wipes the seat for a few degrees at seating. This means that friction will be reduced and the seats will last longer.

Ball check valves.

This check valve uses a movable ball to block the flow. Some of our ball check valves are spring-loaded to help keep it shut. If you need a check valve for your system contact us today by completing the form above and we will get right back to you.

Swing check valves.

This check valve has a disc which either swings onto the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow. We supply a range of different sized swing check valves.

Our range includes the following:

Nozzle check valves.

The nozzle check valve is the most popular check valve due to its water hammer reduction and low head loss (Venturi “nozzle” design). We represent SDE from Turkey – up to 1600mm and PN64. To find out which check valve would be best for you please complete the form above and we will be in contact with you.

Tilting disc check valves.

This valve is perfect for larger sizes where face to face dimensions is important. Since the disc is at an angle it ensures faster closing. We can supply these valves along with the lever, counterweight and hydraulic damper.

Silent check valves.

This valve uses the ‘Axial Flow’ principle which results in low pressure drops. We stock the Ultra Silent Check Valve up to 600mm and PN64.

Knife gate valves.

The knife gate valve is ideal for very thick fluids. These valves are normally designed to be either fully open or fully closed.

We supply a wide variety including the following:

Wedge gate valves.

These valves have non-parallel seat faces and are very popular. They are self-seating and can cut off flow at a higher pressure.

Our wedge gate valves are made precisely and are reliable. For more information please complete the form above and we will get right back to you.

RSV gate valves.

If you need a gate valve for your system contact us today by completing the form above and we will get right back to you.

Ball valves.

The ball valve, along with the butterfly valve, are part of the family of quarter turn valves. Ball valves are durable and ensure perfect shutoff. Ball valves are often chosen over gate valves because of this shutoff; but they do not have the same fine control which is sometimes necessary.

We supply the following ball valves:

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